I was recently approached by an Executive MBA student studying at London’s premier Business School, London Business School, to run a study of NSN and how we have managed to get up and running and growing so quickly. The feed back has been really helpful and some of the comments simply uplifting for all of the team involved in making things happen on a day to day basis. Here’s a snapshot of what the MBA team had to say about NSN.”

– Mark Shraga, Managing Director
New Star Networks (NSN) Ltd
Beata Lipska, Head of IT


Managing the growing business – a study of NSN

In conducting a business analysis of New Star Networks (NSN) Ltd, we have found a compelling business growth story that should be of great interest to those seeking to understand how businesses are formed, managed, scaled…

What appears to be a simple and self-sustainable business upon first-look is actually a more complex and interdependent business model. Like many businesses the story of how and why NSN evolved can be traced to its founders’ experiences that often pre-date the actual physical business. NSN exists because of a specific group of founders who understand profitable business opportunities by bringing together a collaboration of experienced individuals and supporting business ecosystems.

It is not the day-to-day business model of NSN that make the story compelling, rather it is the fact that NSN is actually a business functioning as part of a closely interconnected group of businesses.

There is an impressive past track-record and “formula” of successful businesses involving the same founders, within the Telecom Industry, underlying the business proposition of NSN.

Furthermore, there are personal growth stories for this group of founding partners that have created what could be called a “coming-of-age” opportunity for the youngest and primary NSN founders, Mark Shraga (MD) and Nicholas Shraga (Op’s Director), to lead and achieve the next success in a series of related businesses.”

– Jason Gibb, Hind Al-Qassimi, Ajmal Gharib & Viktor Nastev