June 27, 2019

NSN Presents Broadband Protect

NSN Presents Broadband Protect

Protection for your connection

London, United Kingdom: New Star Networks today announced the new addition to their arsenal – a service called Broadband Protect. This new offering will ensure you get the best speed and quality from your connection, allowing your company to stay connected and perform critical business functions with minimal to no effects on productivity levels.


Broadband Protect will be available starting the 1st of July 2019.

The cost of broadband is still extremely low compared to the reliance businesses are placing on it and after an extensive review of our customers using Broadband it was clear there was a very high demand to add a service wrap to our broadband products to enhance the service received and to counter unexpected costs should there be an outage and the need to involve BT Openreach in an investigation into the root causes.

Broadband protect is our reply to the ongoing challenge to live up to our promise to be always ‘connecting you now’. It’s a simple statement but it keeps us on our toes and completely focused on the quality of the service we deliver. We’re delighted to finally be releasing this service to our broadband customers and hope you will be too.

Mark Shraga, NSN co-founder.


Broadband Protect promises peace of mind with the following features & benefits:

  • Free of charge router replacement including delivery.
  • Out-of-hours 365/24/7 trouble shooting support by our in-house staff.
  • Engineering site visits, this may be Openreach or own in-house engineer (max. value per annum £250.00)
  • Dedicated fast track number to reach broadband support team – 0203 764 7001
  • Receive preferential rates on router upgrades.
  • Should a site visit be required by either Openreach or alternatively,
  • one of our own engineers, we will cover the cost up to the value of £250.00 per annum


With the emphasis on service and extending our reach to you, NSN are offering a free trial period of three months, no strings attached, no hidden costs!

If you decide to continue with the service after your trial period, you will be eligible to receive the Broadband Protect service for only £3.99 per month (per broadband connection).


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