January 23, 2020

Connecting You Now Throughout Your 20’s

Connecting You Now Throughout Your 20’s

The 2020’s will definitely be the decade where businesses fully grasp the benefits of being connected to the Cloud; and these will be far more than most have ever imagined.

As the ISDN network becomes fully redundant across the United Kingdom over the next 3 to 5 years, we will increasingly see businesses investing in higher quality, bigger bandwidth data connections. We are already seeing businesses leveraging the ability to harvest (and make sense of) information from car fleets to general logistics to purchasing patterns across an increasingly mobile workforce.

Business information (BI) analytics will become as relied upon by the average SME as the standard CRM package was at the beginning of the millennium, only now this will include even more empowering data across a wider spectrum of activities, and all in real time.

All of this is already available, as a service, for the price of a management subscription fee. The options are almost endless and the potential to help SME’s manage (survive) their growth curve is becoming too vital to ignore.

Looking further ahead and we will all be talking to machines whilst the decade is still young. Furthermore, we won’t even think twice about it as the Internet of Things (IoT) will put down deep roots this year due to the launch of 5G. Every single part of your business will start to be better understood in relation to all the other definable parts of your business, which will in turn lead to new insights to be leveraged at the coal face. Falling behind on this curve will not be an option.

We are delighted that NSN is in a strong position to deliver the technology that will support the way in which our clients evolve their business cultures across the coming decade.

Our promise to always be “connecting you now” goes even further, reaching every single part of your business!