June 19, 2019

GigaBetter Bigger Faster!

GigaBetter Bigger Faster!

At a glance

Brit College is a well-established, and award-winning, independent higher education provider located just a stone’s throw from the Canary Wharf Business district in East London.

The College believes that education is the way to tackle social and economic inequality and it has always been at the forefront of overcoming barriers to education and exclusion.


Executive Summary

  • Brit College had recently acquired new premises, and part of the arrangement was that they would take over the previous tenant’s service agreement which was already in place.
  • The college relied heavily on connectivity, so they requested a regrade to 100/100.
  • After the regrading, the service failed and resulted in a significant cable fault that lasted over four weeks.
  • Brit College was then forced to implement a 4G solution that was less than ideal due to slow speeds and intermittent connections.
  • It should have unnecessary to use 4G as there already was ADSL infrastructure in place.
  • With 4G not being adequate as a long-term solution, Brit college reached out to NSN to learn more about the leased line connectivity.



  1. Time: Brit College had less than six weeks till opening day, so they needed to get a solution and get it fast!
  2. Cost: The current ISP’s fibre packages was more affordable than a dedicated fibre circuit
  3. Legal: Contractual obligations with current ISP.
  4. Speed: The connection needed to be able to keep up with demand and have no lag.


Another challenge that NSN had to overcome was that Brit College was not confident that NSN could accomplish this based on the general perception about provisioning lead times.


What was NSN’s solution?

A dedicated leased line makes use of capacity that’s reserved solely for the individual company. Unlike consumer internet connections, the bandwidth available does not drop at peak times, when other customers of the same ISP are attempting to make use of their connections.

Dedicated lines offer significant speed advantages compared to ADSL. According to research by UK telecoms regulator OFCOM, the typical British ADSL connection offers only 12Mbit/s downstream, and around 1Mbit/s upstream. In contrast, a high-capacity ethernet circuit could provide a connection speed of up to 10,000 Mbit/s (10 Gbit/s), both upstream and downstream. Most companies don’t need that much bandwidth, but a large proportion of companies require significantly more bandwidth than ADSL can deliver.

Although dedicated connections can deliver higher and more consistent speeds than broadband, the difference is usually felt most keenly when it comes to the upload speed. Dedicated connections are symmetric; this means that the upload speed of the connection matches the download speed. For many businesses, slow upload speed is the primary reason for upgrading from a painfully poor broadband connection to a more expensive but higher capacity dedicated line.

If your broadband connection goes down, you could be left without an internet connection for days. For most businesses, this could be disastrous. For example, the company would not be able to receive or send emails.

It’s for this reason that dedicated connections typically come with Service Level Agreements that guarantee that major connectivity issues will be fixed relatively quickly, usually within one business day.

To increase uptime further, most providers of leased lines actively monitor their connections 24×7, ensuring that if a line goes down, for whatever reason, the Network Operations Centre will be alerted automatically, allowing troubleshooting to start straight away and downtime be minimized.


How did the solution help?

  1. Time: The leased line was installed, and the circuit handed over with just over two weeks to spare.
  2. Cost: Voucher scheme reduced monthly rental costs resulting in a lower fee than current ISP.
  3. Legal: The ISP had taken more than 120 working days to install service which breached the terms of service outlines in the agreement. The ISP in turn agreed to cancel the contract and terminate the service with no further costs.
  4. Speed: NSN put in place 100Mb Synchronous speed delivered over a 1Gb Bearer to combat lag and traffic expectancy.

Once the service was introduced, NSN completed a cabling project which created a local network for file sharing between the different department.

All Online platforms and CRM system benefitted substantially from the increased speeds, which in turn increased productivity and efficiency levels.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

  • The increased bandwidth allowed the college to consider deploying a managed wireless solution so that students can access the wireless network and be able to manage the expected traffic.
  • Azure deployment and cloud storage will be implemented across all campuses to allow file sharing and access of data simultaneously between locations.
  • All future operations will consider the use of dedicated fibre together with Cloud Services & management.


Find out more about NSN’s Gigabetter Voucher scheme options here.

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Written By Ferrin Govender, NSN Sales Manager