June 22, 2020

Introducing Lime Listings : One Portal To Rule Them All!

Introducing Lime Listings : One Portal To Rule Them All!

Update your company information in one go on 70+ platforms – such as Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook and more!

With over a 900% increase of local searches for businesses online over the past two years and more than 45% of all Google searches being for location-based information, it has become crucial for businesses to optimise their online presence for local searches.

Until now, the technology that enables the seamless update of information, be it opening times, details of accepted payment methods or contact information have only been available to larger businesses with deep pockets.

As a self-proclaimed “Marketing MacGyver”, I am always on the move, upskilling myself on the latest digital trends to add to my bag of tricks! Amongst the recent challenges of 2020 I have been looking for an edge wherever we can get it, for ourselves and for our customers.

As more and more customers have gathered online, the need to improve the user experience of our online presence.  SEO, UX, CPC and AI are some of many digital marketing terms that business owners, start-ups and consumer facing organizations need to know – often without the luxury of a fully fledged marketing team. Chances are that you already have some understanding of these terms!

The era of digital transformation has brought with it so many opportunities for acquiring new skills, expanding your target market, exploring new demographics, and my most favourite: Access to consumers throughout ALL stages of the buying decision.

I particularly want to draw your attention to the importance of stage 2: Information search:

Once a need is recognised, a consumer will search for the most ideal solution based on the following 4 criteria: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Based on these criteria, a consumer will move into the evaluation phase – if your business is not visible during this stage, it will not be considered – regardless of how outstanding it may be!


How does Lime listings fit into this?

In a nutshell, Lime Listings enables its users to optimize their online presence for local searches, ensuring that your business will be found as quickly and most frequently as possible when users search for directions, opening hours, reviews, recommendations and events.

With one click of a button you can give your customers the certainty they need to find your business and connect with you, empowering them with the confidence to make a purchase.


Lime Listings has made a huge impact on me personally – with its easy to use dashboard, I am able to push out vital information at the click of a button – FROM ONE CENTRAL LOCATION!

One portal to rule them all!

The reason this excites me? It frees up so much of my time that would ordinarily be spent crawling web directories and requesting info updates – each request needs to be followed up and there is no guarantee that these updates will be correctly and timeously actioned.

Lime Listings has given me peace of mind by giving me full control over this process.


Another key benefit for me is the credibility that it provides:

As a consumer I always do a background check – If a business’s adverts, website, google search and social media pages aren’t aligned, or the information is incorrect – I will not take them seriously and I will not do business with them.

On the flipside, if I have clear and concise information delivered to me before I ask for it , I am immediately assured of their attention to detail which translates into great customer service – I would be willing to pay a little more or travel a little further for the sake of a pleasant and quick experience.


In a world where info is freely available online, we needed quick access to update our online listings and the flexibility to update this information as the circumstance requires.
Many online listings are managed by the site owners and often entail many steps to register claims, request listing amendments etc.
This can be a very time consuming process and leaves room for error when an individual site gets missed on the checklist.
With Lime Listings, we have now been able to consolidate these efforts and provide accurate & consistent information in real-time using one verified and secure easy to use platform!

– Kerrylea Els, NSN Marketing Manager




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