March 26, 2021

Like London buses…

Like London buses…

Just like waiting for London buses, when after ages, two or more come along at once, over the past year we’ve been treated to the effects of both Brexit and Covid-19. More people than ever before have found themselves working full time from home, which has brought both work/life benefits and challenges. Think homeschooling and both parents working from the one broadband connection and you have a recipe for a WiFi warzone.

Just this year we’ve seen Openreach putting a hard Stop/Sell by date on ISDN and Analogue technologies at 221 of its exchanges. ISDN and Analogue technology are still very widely used business services. Businesses have truly got their hands full with enough change-related challenges that it’s a wonder anyone has time left to focus on their customers.

How much bandwidth for change can we really be expected to have with so much uncertainty all at once?  Whilst we don’t have all of the answers, we have focused our attention where we believe we can do the most good for our customers i.e. enabling them to weather the change with flexible home working solutions.

Longer lasting change costs money. With many businesses showing the strains of a year of Covid-19 trading we have empowered our Account Managers to look at reducing one-off costs of change. After a short viability assessment, our customers will have access to a ‘Change Voucher’, enabling them to avoid hefty capex costs, freeing up more cash to focus on growth.

If your business is making the move from ISDN to alternative IP technologies, then you would qualify for an NSN Change Voucher. Speak to an NSN Account Manager today to see how we can help your business to reduce the pain in change.