January 29, 2021

The Big Switch Off/On..

The Big Switch Off/On..

Bandwidth for change..

For years now Openreach has been hailing their tidal change from copper to their ‘next generation’ networks. We’ve seen some shifts in their connectivity portfolio, notably FTTP. Yet the roll out of both of these changes has been predictably slow. Then in December last year Openreach brought down the axe on ISDN/PSTN in Salisbury, issuing its first Stop/Sell notice; no further ISDN or PSTN connection orders would be accepted there.

The pace then accelerated as we entered 2021 with over 160 further exchanges tagged with Stop/Sell notices. Whether or not the marketplace is ready for it, the big switch off to ISDN/PSTN is here at last. However so is the big switch on to Cloud/Hosted Telephony (aka VOIP). The challenge ahead for the average SME business is to get ahead of this curve, whilst battling Covid-19 conditions, without dropping the ball.

If a business has not already made the move to a high-quality Cloud based telephone system, then they will also be faced with managing a cultural change as users adapt to unfamiliar technology. The need for change is beyond argument, however the need for it to be painful is not. For example, there are Hosted systems that function in a very similar way to the old-style ISDN/PSTN box on the wall. There are also hybrid options if your current system is ready for IP connectivity.


The next step is to get ready for change, and plan to make it as painless as possible!


Our big 3 change management tick list:

  1. Check if your provider offers a Stop/Sell Change Voucher
  2. Check if your supplier will project managed the change
  3. Get your connectivity assessed – ensuring you have enough bandwidth for change

Get “switched on” and make the move to a high-quality Cloud based telephone system with NSN today!

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