October 21, 2020

The importance of adding value part 1: Lime Listings

The importance of adding value part 1: Lime Listings

In a highly competitive marketplace, with numerous ‘me 2’ service providers all offering very similar core services, adding extra value is the only strategy that works. How much extra value is enough? We haven’t yet found a limit on adding value to our customers as there is always something extra we can do to support daily working practice, especially in times of change, or crisis.

We have focused on making it easy for our customers to adapt to changes and to get the support they need from us wherever they are in world. Our latest service Lime Listings has been specifically targeted to enable our customers to ensure their businesses ‘look alive’ online, ensuring their customers know the lights are on and that they are ready to receive new orders.

One portal ensures our customers can boost their online search presence, make it up to the minute accurate and change delivery location points on the map or add site changes at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, your NSN account manager would be delighted to do all of this with you on a call, all as a part of our one-to-one account management service.

Customers trialing the service have absolutely loved it and, when contrasted with similar offerings available online ranging between £20pm and £40pm, Lime Listings is a steal at £8.95pm. It’s simply in our interests to ensure you have every advantage we can give you.


One of our clients kindly offered us their review of the service:



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