October 31, 2019

VoiceSafe Protection Is Here!

VoiceSafe Protection Is Here!

VoiceSafe is a revolutionary product available exclusively from NSN to provide peace of mind and uses our vast experience to lock your telephony down to protect your organisation against incurring costs through fraudulent attacks like Call Fraud.


What is Call Fraud?


Call fraud, or phone phreaking, is where a cyber-criminal hacks into your telephone system and uses it to make calls to international or premium rate numbers at your expense, the result being a huge bill.

Imagine the following scenario:


All of your employees leave the office on a Friday at 17:30 and come back on Monday at 09.00. During this time someone hacks your phone system and makes international calls at a premium rate, for example at £1.15 per minute.

In essence this may not seem like very much, but think about how many minutes that call could last while your office is unmanned over the weekend. From 5.30pm Friday to 9am Monday morning is 63.5 hours, that’s 3,810 minutes! Now multiply this by the premium £1.15 per minute and you’re already looking at a £4,381.50 bill on top of your usual monthly cost.


Now consider that this is based on the assumption that you only have one phone line. What if you have 5 lines and the same happens to each? Now you’re looking at £21,907.50 of fraudulent activity!


You can begin to see why call fraud can be such an expensive and damaging form of cyber-crime.


How bad is Call fraud in the UK?


Phone hacking and telecommunications fraud is thought to cost the UK as much as £1.5 billion a year. Despite reports from the BBC that within just one month over 40 businesses became victims of telephone fraud totalling £840,000 as a result of phone hacking and Channel 4 reporting how one local authority lost £30,000 in just two days many businesses have no protection against these costs.


Is there any good news?


Yes! NSN is giving you a 3-month free trial of Voice Safe! In order to provide maximum protection telephone lines billed by NSN are automatically registered for the VoiceSafe service which will pay compensation after the first £125 up to £10,000 in the event of a fraudulent attack.


We actively look to bar out-of-hours calls to specific vulnerable destinations, along with looking at external telephony protection and monitoring, using a variety of methods we have developed over a number of years.

We are so confident in our ability to protect our customers that if fraud still happens, we will pay up to £10,000 of compensation as a credit against calls made through fraudulent activity on a VoiceSafe protected system.


VoiceSafe Protection is charged at £2.00 per line per month and £0.35 per month per Hosted telephony user. You may choose to opt-out and not to have your lines registered.


Download the flyer here.