February 25, 2021

Wi-Fi Warzone – Client case study

Wi-Fi Warzone – Client case study

Residential environments are generally not set up for demanding usage of bandwidth across multiple users. In some cases, this can lead to a ‘Wi-Fi warzone’, with multiple users battling for bandwidth. The following case study is an example of how we have responded to the changing needs of our customers as they adapt to the challenges WFM can bring.

“We recently had to upgrade to FTTP at one of our employees’ properties (working from home).

Unfortunately, the required location of the service meant that we were unable to connect to the router/switch at the original location. This gave rise to two problems:

  1. We were unable to connect to the properties network wiring because the connections had not been correctly identified when the property was built.
  2. The wireless signal could not be reached by devices at the property.

Following discussions with my NSN Account Manager, a member of the technical team was sent to the property to identify the problems and report on solutions.   A wonderful chap investigated the wiring and wireless signal problems.

Within a couple of days, the technical department and manager had provided a solution that we agreed on.   The same engineer was sent out to the property and was able to:

  1. Identify the wiring connections around the house and wire them into the FTTP supply and router.
  2. Install in a good location an Ubiquiti Access Point to distribute the wireless signal.   This has solved the problem for the family to access all the services they were previously used to and for his grandchildren to be able to complete school and university lessons and homework assignments.

The service was excellent, and I commend NSN and its staff for solving the problems.”

Arthur Vickers
Coningsby Trading Limited